How to Start the Trading New Year 2023


2022 IS IN THE PAST. Any bad habits or mistakes we made in the past are now behind us.  The chasing of a trade and moving stops is history.  We are going to start the new trading year 2023 with a clean slate. It does not matter what mistake or mistakes that we may have made the prior day.  We must remind ourselves the sun will rise the next day.


For our members, we should make The Forum a routine every morning.  This 45-minute in depth analysis may save time and stress.  Our Market Specialists provide supply and demand zones on key products every morning.  The products chosen are popular stocks, futures, forex, and option opportunities.  Our veteran traders understand how complex pre-markets may be.  This is a definite solution.

Most traders have a place to record their trades.  We need this to provide factual data.  This tool is the so-called third party that will give us the information to let us know if we are making good trades.  It will help us to identify if our supply and demand zones are consistently profitable.  If we have a complex critique or outcome spreadsheet, we should try and keep it very simple.  The focus is on the outcome of 10 trades.  Our goal is to have feedback that is easily calculated and does not have a complex macro.  If the macro were to break, we would then use our precious time fixing it.  We want that time to find more opportunities or better yet to spend more time with loved ones.

We should have time for an activity that has nothing to do with our trading platform.  It does not matter if it’s a walk around the block or a good book.  Some traders work out every morning and make it a routine.  We just need something to take our mind off trading.  This leads to a fresh mindset for the next trading session.  It helps our mind and body hit the reset button and prepares for the next day.  If we are refreshed, our minds can make good decisions and stressful sessions become extinct.


There are probably more focus points we may think of for this first quarter.  We must remember to take our new trading year 2023 in stride.  We are not saying to be lazy, but to take it easy on ourselves due to how difficult this business can be.  Focus points will be added throughout this year.  Once these are firmly part of our routine at the beginning of the year, it will contribute to a smooth transition throughout 2023.

If you’d like to learn more about how you can start 2023 off with a bang, watch this recording of a LIVE YouTube session with Market Specialist, Sam Evans.

New Year, New Opportunities with Sam Evans – YouTube

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