‘Tis the Season to be Thankful for the Markets

‘Tis the Season to be Thankful for the Markets

Every Sunday evening, traders begin planning their week and we know that this always leads to a possible two or three-day work week.  A big thanks to the markets because we could not do it without them.  Of course, we should not leave out the institutions for showing us where supply and demand exists.  We certainly appreciate them because it keeps our trading strategy simple.  The ability to have a chart without indicators is a blessing in disguise.  Not only is this a good time for being thankful to all markets but this is also a good time for us traders to reflect on the entire year and take time to see our surroundings.

As we take time to look at our inventory, the objects we accumulated during the year are awesome, but this is not the big prize.  The big prize is that we traders are still standing strong and have withstood the battles of 2023.  Whether positive or negative we have committed ourselves to becoming students of the market for as long as we want.  This is what it’s all about.  One trade or a million trades does not dictate our future, it’s the will and the desire to trade.

We are supply and demand traders, so opportunities will always exist.  The opportunities may or may not be near and possibly will transact in early 2024. But that is okay. The plan is to take the opportunities as they enter our zones.  It doesn’t matter what time of season.  This makes the business simple and clear throughout our trading journey.  A trading strategy that day in and day out continues to provide positive results without having to be correct all the time.

For the last 2 months of 2023, there are a couple of products that we should thank.  These products are offering high probability opportunities, which have a big profit zone.  First off let’s thank the Euro for rallying and moving near retail prices or supply zones.  This would offer high probabilities for the beginning of 2024.

We must also thank the British Pound for moving near supply zones as we end the year.

In the holiday season, we forget what day it is and some of us mix up the days of the week.  True traders are accustomed to this.  With one month left, we still have time in 2023 to find high probability trades.  The next year is on the horizon, and we wish for big 2024 market swings.  To everyone and the markets, have a restful and memorable Holiday.


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