Swing Trading for Weekly & Monthly Income Opportunities

– an exclusive Master Series Event –

March 23 - 25, 2024

This Master Series event is focused on a specific and proprietary strategy that can’t be covered online due to privacy risk for us and more importantly, Pinnacle Members. The strategy can be applied to all asset classes and utilizes multiple asset classes to help enhance performance, in turn helping to develop a more complete trader.

Lesson & Lab Sessions

Identify weekly & monthly income opportunities. Learn & understand the strategy and strategy rules to execute with precision and detail.

ONLINE Sessions -
Live Market Application

Attend online sessions led by Sam, once a week for one month to continue to sharpen your skills applying & executing strategy rules in the live markets.

3 Days of Strategy & Execution

Interactive skill building lessons and assessments combined with live market application.


Advanced Supply and Demand: “A” Zones and “B” Zones

This session covers and simplifies specific rules for two types of zones, Outside The Range (A Zones) and Inside The Range (B Zones), using our time-tested probability data of specific zone types for rule-based decision making. The skill building session includes demonstration across multiple asset classes with interactive member participation.

Zone vs Zone: Profit Zoning for Weekly and Monthly Income

The key to accurate Profit Zoning is not only knowing which zone is likely to work, but which zone is likely to hold versus its opposing zone. This is the most important information when Profit Zoning that most never even consider. Accurate Profit Zone analysis drives everything: position type, position size, entry, stop, and profit target. This session will cover and demonstrate the rules to follow in order to help arrive at higher probability trading opportunities in any asset class.

Lab Session: Step by Step Rule Based High Probability Swing Trade Setups

This hands-on practice session combines the previous lesson sessions with step-by-step rules. Members will complete a series of Instructor led skill building exercises and focus on identifying high probability weekly and monthly income swing trading setups.

Rule Based Entries, Protective Stops, and Profit Targets

This session focuses on specific rules for entry, protective stop, and profit target for weekly and monthly income trading opportunities which can help you execute with precision.

Testing Your Skills

Members work together in small groups and put their new strategy skills to the test in making important buy and sell decisions in this competitive trading assessment exercise. All group trading ideas will be covered in detail by Sam and shared with all groups.

ONLINE Sessions - Live Market Application

After Income Trading Strategy event concludes, you have the opportunity to continue to meet with Sam and other Pinnacle Members once a week for one month. These sessions allow you to continue to sharpen your skills in applying and executing advanced strategy rules in the live markets.

Live in person learning and online live market application sessions are key to building skills that last a lifetime.


*All sessions will be recorded and available for a limited time of 1 week after each session.

Financial Learning Center

1080 Holcomb Bridge Rd.
Roswell, GA 30076

Breakfast & Lunch provided

Hartsfield International Airport

Transportation via MARTA conveniently located at the airport.

No Phone Zone

Recording prohibited. Cell phones and other recording devices are not allowed in sessions.
Laptops will be allowed in specific sessions as noted on the agenda.

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Included with your In-Center Membership


  • Access to 3 Day Event
    (Mar 23rd – 25th)
  • Breakfast & Lunch
    (included all 3 days)
  • Event Gift
  • 4 Online Execution Sessions
    with Sam Seiden – Once a
    Week for One Month


*Advanced Registration required by 2/12/24
to guarantee availability