The Pinnacle Method Trading Strategy: The Change Up

The Change Up: The Pinnacle Method Trading Strategy

Every day we wake up and say this is the day.  Exactly what do we mean when we tell ourselves this?  Many of us traders begin the journey with a 100% guarantee that we are going to be successful all the time.  Our audience or critics (significant others) believe this is also true.

We can see the build for support because of the success that is within reach.   This is the mindset we will need throughout our journey no matter what the results.   Some of us may take the leap and they are in the .01% in our industry.

Reality Sets In

This is not always the truth.  Much of the time we lose, when starting out.  The next step is confusion, and we begin to look at incorrect parts of our trading plan.  Reality is a wake-up call.  Trading is not always winning.  It’s knowing the probabilities.

The Change-Up

“Doing the same thing and achieving the same result is madness”-Albert Einstein.  This is where the results we seek are not what we expect.

Is it really?

Are we using the same strategy because we know it’s going to be successful on a trading day at some point?  The statistics state differently.

This is where we place the “Change-Up” strategy.  It’s time for us to seek a solution to this reality.   This is where we take a deep breath because things are about to change.  This is where our trading needs to change.  Our habits must change.  We are the lucky ones because we have decided to read an article from The Pinnacle Institute.

The Change-Up: The Pinnacle Method             

I firmly believe that any woman’s or man’s finest hour, the greatest fulfillment of all that they hold dear, is that moment when she or he has worked their heart out in a good cause and lies exhausted on the field of battle – victorious. – Vince Lombardi

We start off with Mr. Lombardi’s quote.  We are professionals and this is what the real result feels like.  The Pinnacle Method is different from any trading strategy.

It is simple and real.

If you love buying things for cheap and selling them very expensive then you are applying The Pinnacle Method.  Successful businesses apply this model every day and we need to as well.  It is a simple equation.  We need to keep our expenses low and revenues (sell) high.

The institutions do this 365 days a year and have since the stock market was invented.   We want our business to be the same as an institution.

The Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan Chase, Wells Fargo, and Capital One are all traders.

If it was not for these companies, we may not have enough information to let us know where they are buying and selling.  The beauty of it all is that we may use The Pinnacle Method on anything we may put on a candlestick chart.  We are now using a one-stop shop.

The Pinnacle Method: One-Stop Shop

If we can put it on a candlestick chart, we are able to apply The Pinnacle Method.  The S&P 500 E-Mini futures are one of many products that we apply the strategy.

Below are examples of other products that we may apply the Pinnacle Method to.  The candlestick charts give us information on the price or prices where institutions buy and sell.  If we trade futures or on the foreign exchange market, we may short (sell) from a supply zone.

Options traders use The Pinnacle Method for opportunities in equities.  We use the JNJ chart to display the Supply and Demand zones, where institutions sold and bought in the past.



    A trader that has graduated from The Pinnacle Institute is empowered with the ability to trade any product.  This is our time and the days we desire are here.  There will be times when we’ll remember our trading at the beginning stages.  The grind of the journey is earned and not given.  We love trading and the results are what we expected.  The journey was worth it.


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