Are Options riskier than Stocks?


Are options riskier than stocks? For many years I’ve pointed out all the benefits options have over stocks, from leverage, to increased rates of return, to even being able to have the ability to profit when wrong directionally on the trade. Yet, for all the benefits that options bring to traders and investors, if you […]

‘Tis the Season to be Thankful for the Markets


‘Tis the Season to be Thankful for the Markets Every Sunday evening, traders begin planning their week and we know that this always leads to a possible two or three-day work week.  A big thanks to the markets because we could not do it without them.  Of course, we should not leave out the institutions […]

Spooked Into Good Trading Habits


Around this time of year, traders are beginning to feel the pressure of making up losses that were incurred throughout 2023.  Traders enter opportunities that don’t fit into their trade plan.  It’s total mayhem.  When novice traders are frazzled this causes a decent trade plan to go way off track.  A track that a trader […]

Options as Insurance

stock options

Options as Insurance You wouldn’t think of leaving your house, car, or boat uninsured. But what about your financial assets…stocks, mutual funds, or even IRA’s? As we enter earnings season in the next week, many investors are potentially at as much financial risk to their assets, as for example, your house would be with an […]

How the Supply and Demand Trading Strategy Was Created

supply and demand

How the Supply and Demand Trading Strategy Was Created Trading in financial markets is often seen as a complex and mysterious endeavor, but some successful traders have managed to decode the market’s behavior and develop effective rule-based strategies that can determine in advance, where market prices are likely to turn and where they are likely […]

Powerful Tips to Understand the Probability of Profit


Probability of Profit One of the reasons I feel options are the greatest thing ever invented, is the probability of making a profit in an options trade is much greater than the trading of any other asset. When you buy or short a stock, what is the probability of making a profit? Fifty percent. I […]

Hart of Market – Power of Supply & Demand


Hart of the Market The Power of Supply & Demand Netflix is great for resting our brains and keeping us from watching a day trade.  This week we saw a movie called “Hart of Stone” that was very entertaining.  It was about a gadget named “The Hart” that has control over everything in the world.  […]

The Power of Implied Volatility & Earnings


The Power of Implied Volatility & Earnings Earnings have historically been an exciting time of year for stock traders, as many times stocks may have had large gaps up or down in reaction to a company’s earnings announcement, as well as their guidance going forward. As we are right now in the middle of earnings […]

The 3 Essential Trading Focuses: Which one is for you?

3 essential trading focuses

The 3 Essential Trading Focuses: Which one is for you? Trading and Investing have so many ways it could go.  How do I know what direction to go in? What are you trying to accomplish? I have met and discussed trading & investing with many individuals that come to me for advice.  The discussion usually […]