How do you sell Stocks at a Premium?

Sell Stocks. Calls and Puts

Getting paid to sell stocks you want to sell…at the price you want to sell it at! The key to profiting in the stock market is…buy low and sell high! Pretty easy right? LOL. In a previous article I shared how we can use options, specifically selling Put options, to get paid to buy stocks […]

Market Traps – Are you on the right side?

market traps

Investing and Trading can be a tricky endeavor, and there are many tricks and traps that can cause the novice to lose money. Before you do any trading or investing, it is important for you to recognize these dangers, so you do not get hurt. In this article, we will explore into some of the […]

Do you only trade Stocks? What other Financial Markets are available to you?

In this article, I wanted to provide an overview of various financial markets (or asset classes) available for investment & trading. I will highlight the current risks that exist in some of the key markets in another article called “Triple Bubble, a ticking Time Bomb” in more detail. For most people that I have come […]

Is Trading same as Gambling? Well, it depends on You.


I come across this question or statement from my friends quite often. Trading and Investing is like Gambling. Is that a correct statement? Let’s analyze the realities and come up with an informed decision. What is Gambling? First, let’s look at Gambling. We go to Casinos to gamble. We play Poker, Blackjack and may be […]

Iron Condors: Non-Directional & Low Risk

What is a non-directional trade? If you’ve never traded options, every trade or investment most people have ever entered into are directional trades. That means, the trade has to move in the expected direction to profit, (In a bullish trade, the asset needs to go up, and in a bearish trade the asset needs to […]

How do you buy Stocks at a Discount?


Owning stocks; can’t get much more American than that. Some of the greatest fortunes in US history were earned thru stock appreciation. Whether someone is a buy and hold investor, planning to hold onto the stock forever, or trading stocks for short term gain, an investor has to make a decision not only on what […]

Don’t have to be right to be profitable – Just not wrong!

The stock market is straightforward, in concept. Get the direction right and you profit, get the direction wrong, and you lose. If you buy a stock and it goes up you make money; if it goes down you lose money. If you short a stock and it goes down you make money; and if it […]