Selling Options for Cash Flow

Selling Options for Cash Flow Using options for short term income Let’s be honest, most people are in the markets for one reason: to make a profit. Whether looking for long-term investment goals, or short-term income goals, we’re looking to grow our accounts with as little risk as possible. Now for most traders and investors, […]

A Smarter Way to Play the Breakout

A Smarter Way to Play the Breakout When it comes to trading and investing, there are no shortages of strategies available to us. From support and resistance to Elliot Wave and Harmonic patterns, the list is almost endless. No matter your preferred method for approaching the market however, one thing is clear: The best approach […]

Options vs Stock Ownership

stock options

The pros and cons of trading options vs buying or shorting stock. Everybody wants to make a killing in the stock market. Buy low & sell high, or even buy high… and sell higher! The biggest problem for most traders and investors is the cost of entering the game. Many people have heard about the […]

Learn When to NOT Trade

Learn When to NOT Trade   Trading is a very complex and powerful skill that must be respected if it is to be developed correctly.  Few people consider this, but for a trader in an enterprise or personal situation, the path to success begins with a simple question “WHEN to NOT Trade?” The Pinnacle Methods […]

The Traps of Support and Resistance

Support and Resistance

The Traps of Support and Resistance Read any textbook or article on the fundamental aspect of Technical Analysis and no doubt, they will feature the concepts of Price Support and Price Resistance. In my own trading educational journey, which began almost 20 years ago, these were the basics I learned initially, and they were most […]

Trading and Investing Challenges

Trading and Investing Challenges When you decide you’re going to get involved in self-directed investing or dive into a trading career, you are typically making that decision because of the potential financial gain. You are making the decision because of the perceived benefit. What most people don’t understand, let alone even consider, is that they […]

Covered Call Options: Using Stock You Own to Generate Cash Flow

Covered Call Options: Using Stock You Own to Generate Cash Flow Americans are bullish! We believe the markets will always go up and if we invest long enough our accounts will grow and we’ll make money. Most people are what we call buy & hold investors. They “buy” a stock and then are content to […]

The Right Stuff: Good Trading Habits

Most traders question themselves too much.  They contemplate if they have the right ‘stuff’, including the right trading education which is a big piece of the puzzle.  But an even bigger question remains, do they have good trading habits? A good trader understands that they are not born… they are built. Built upon the foundation […]

7 Essential Tips to Elevate Trading From Home

The beauty of trading is that you can pretty much trade anywhere if you have a fast and reliable internet connection. However, practicality-wise, many of our members have dedicated workspaces for trading from home, especially those that day trade. Here are 7 essential tips that we have put together to help improve your trading from […]

Trading Consistency: 5 Powerful Items To Add To Your Trading Routine

As another new month begins, what better time to look back, check-in, and reassess our goals? Getting caught up in the day-to-day ups and downs of trading is easy. We get excited when things are going well and get down on ourselves when things take a downturn. However, as we know, trading consistency is probably […]