Creating A Better Trader:  Brand Loyalty – Good or Bad (Better or Best)

better trader

Creating A Better Trader:  Brand Loyalty – Good or Bad (Better or Best)   Very often individuals become very familiar with a particular collection of securities and are very “loyal” to their chosen SECURITIES. They also may have strong resistance to not involving themselves in a different security.   This is common, understandable, and normal. 99.9% […]

Using Supply & Demand to Buy Stocks at a Discount

Using Supply & Demand to Buy Stocks at a Discount Getting paid to buy a stock you want to buy…at the price you want to buy it at!   Owning stocks…can’t get much more American than that. Some of the greatest fortunes in US history were earned through stock appreciation. Whether someone is a buy-and-hold […]


Creating A Better Trader Traders of all experiences, skill, and success levels have arrived where they are by planning, experience, and often even by happenstance. Many continue working on the first few techniques they were exposed to without much deviation. This can be good for some, but it is often a short-lived situation, and general […]

Understanding Options

understanding options

Understanding Options: The difference between being right vs being profitable.  To profit when buying a stock, you must ultimately be right on the direction after entering the trade. If the stock goes up, you make profit, and if the stock goes down, you lose. When you short a stock, if the stock goes down you […]

Is The Trend Really Your Friend?

trend your friend

Is The Trend Really Your Friend? Following the trend is a key lesson in any new trader’s educational journey and a lesson which is taught in the world of investing across the board. However, we must remember that any trend is something that has already happened and when we trade, we are trying to determine […]

Is Day-Trading For You?


IS DAY-TRADING FOR YOU? The FTC says: “Available research data suggests that most day-traders are not profitable.” There is also the maxim that: “~95% of day-traders are not successful, and ultimately lose money”. What exactly do these mean? Is it true?  Is it a partial story?  Is failure likely inevitable? As there are thousands of […]

The Greatest Trading Secret Never Told

trading secret

The Greatest Trading Secret Never Told We have often heard active traders proclaim that the financial markets are rigged and manipulated and that “the big boys are all out to get you”.  If you are struggling for consistency in trading and jumping from strategy to strategy, it is easy to understand why anyone would feel […]

Pros and Cons of Options

pros and cons of options

Pros and Cons of Options Understanding how options work and when to use them. Options are probably the most misunderstood of all the asset classes, and in some cases for good reason. Stocks, ETF’s, futures & forex are directional trades. Get the direction right, you make a profit. Get the direction wrong, you take a […]

Use Caution when on The Range

trading range

Use Caution when on The Range Traders and investors typically dream of long-running trends, but the reality is quite different. While we all love to play strong markets to the upside and lean on the shorts when the markets are selling off heavily, it is easy to forget that markets often enter a range-bound state […]