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It’s no secret that most novice traders lose money and most long-term investors never reach their Financial Goals. It is also a well known fact that Wall Street professionals often reach their financial goals. If both the groups are buying and selling in the same Financial Markets, why is one group overwhelmingly successful whereas the other group is not? This lesson explains some of the fundamental realities of the Financial Markets which may sound simple, but is not always obvious.


We generally hear novice traders and investors talking about Stocks, and on occasion Mutual Funds & ETFs as well. But many people do not know about the various other Financial Asset Classes available for trading such as Options, Futures, Forex, Bonds and Cryptocurrency. There are unique advantages to trading and investing in each asset class. One of the main advantages is the benefit of utilizing Leverage. There are also significant benefits of round the clock Markets, such as Forex and Futures, compared to a typical daytime Stock Market. In this Lesson we will go deeper into each of these Asset Classes and explain the unique advantages of each, as well as discuss Portfolio Diversification and Hedging.

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Financial Markets can move in 3 directions: Up, Down, or Sideways. However, most novice traders and investors only know how to benefit from an Up Market (Bull Market), and don’t even realize they can also benefit from a Down Market (Bear Market). We have all been conditioned to ‘Buy and Hold’. But does this really work over time? In this lesson we will take a deeper dive into the market’s previous ups and downs, and show you the reality of the ‘Buy and Hold’ strategy. We will show you how to take advantage of benefitting from both a Bull and a Bear Market, and how our Pinnacle Method identifies where to enter and where to exit to trade any market.

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